Friday, 27 September 2013

Garden club in September 2013

September is the month for a new start. Some of us might get a bit tired with the new routine. Whether if that's the reason or not, our garden club started quite late.

It was on in Pat & Erika's, our place and there was no sign of anybody for the first half an hour.
I was beginning to think maybe nobody would make it this morning and then Tommy arrived! He thought he was running late himself so he was surprised he was the first one to appear.

By 11:30, there were 10 adults and a few little ones and we all started working.

We were in one of the 3 fields of ours (we call it the small field) and the bottom part of the field was covered with cut rushes. Pat has been cutting old tough rushes with his scythe late summer and today we gathered them up and made a lot of piles in the field.

Here is a lovely photo of the 3 girls!

Pat is looking at the edge of the field. When we built our house, our digger brought the sub soil into this field to dump it. So the field is in a bad state and very uneven, especially near the bottom.
What can we do about it?

Pat and Tommy worked very hard, trying to get the surface of the bank even. It wouldn't be a kind of work you'd want to do by hand, but while you have a lot of help, why not?

Soon enough, Saul came down with a perfect tool for it.

This is the tool called a root axe. It's heavy duty hoe/axe for clearing. Saul told us you could get it at Frui Hill Farm down in Bantry, Co.Cork. Pat ordered straight away after the garden club and it works extremely well for leveling the ground.

We've been in this place for over 5 years and we've never seen this field as tidy as ever so we were very grateful. Thank you all.

The lunch was very satisfying. We really enjoyed big hot feast and chat after the hard work. Some of us play traditional Irish music for fun and some do for a part time living. So we were talking about the latest recordings and favourite Irish singers etc. It's great to be able to share your interest with your friends.

A couple of people stayed on to watch all Ireland senior hurling final between Clare and Cork. All of us were up for Clare as this is where we live but a Clare man Pat was in a different world altogether! The match ended with an amazing equalizer for Clare. Up the Banner! 

We're still having a very mild, dry weather in Ireland. We hope it keeps that way till next month. See you then.

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