Thursday, 28 March 2013

Garden club in March 2013

We had our first garden club this month, March in Rosemary's house.

Her garden is not big as you can see, but there was enough to do!

She had a ToDo list made out for us which is a good idea, so off we went and started working. Some of us were tidying the hedges, fruit bushes, turning the stuff in the compost, more of us were weeding the beds, saving strawberry plants etc.

 There's not a lot of plants up yet in March, but here are a couple of very healthy looking rhubarb plants.

Fruit bushes seem very happy.

Just after 1 o'clock, our mission accomplished!

Hopefully it'll help Rosemary grow a lot of beautiful flowers and vegetables this coming summer.

After the lunch, we had a meeting for this year to figure out which month each household would like to have garden club.
Everyone has fitted in place happily, so, see you next month!

The kids always find some way to play wherever they are! Rolling rolling rolling..

Monday, 25 March 2013

Welcome to Glendree Garden Club.

Thank you for coming to visit our Glendree Garden Club Blog.

First of all, let us introduce ourselves.
We are a group of friends and neighbours who are living in East Clare, west of Ireland. A lot of us are based in a place called Glendree, Feakle. This is where the name of our garden club comes from.

It all started a few years ago when some of us got this idea of having a garden club in the area. Since then we've expanded members and now we're about 15 people (and a good few small ones!) from 8 households.

We have a meeting in early spring to decide which month we visit which house. The garden club is on once a month only, on Sunday for 3 hours from 10 to 1. So there is no huge commitment.

There is no money involved, either. We bring our tools for the work and food to share for lunch after the work.

This year, someone suggested that we should show our activities on the internet to give more people the idea, as every time we mention our garden club, we get a great response and everybody seems to think it's a fantastic idea.

We hope you enjoy looking at our garden diary on this blog, and hopefully it'll help you start your own garden club in your area.

Good luck!