Thursday, 23 May 2013

Garden club in May 2013

The day for our garden club in May started with drizzle and mist.

Aine, Graham & Mary are the new members of our garden club this year. Today, we went to their place for the first time to work in their garden.

Hello ladies! What are you up to?

The gentlemen are making more raised beds for fruit bushes. Well done.

Despite the weather, there was a good turn out for the day.

Mary's nephews and their friends from Feakle came along to give us extra help.

The main job for the day was tidying their vegetable beds at the back of their house.
They needed weeding, digging and the addition of manure.

Winter cabbage looks very happy in the bed.

We must save these strawberry plants! (Before)

Now, it looks good. (After)

A few of us started working in the tunnel. What kind of activity is going on here?

The kids were nice and dry inside the tunnel, helping us weed and dig. They liked picking flowers more than the work though, collecting calendula in the bucket and putting them in their hair. Lovely.

After weeding, we brought manure into the tunnel. The manure, which came from a local farm, was well rotten and very rich.

Mixing manure with the remaining soil. The level of the soil went higher and now it looks perfect.

 We are not finished yet. Some of the members are expert gardeners. They have a lot of knowledge and can lay an irrigation system in the tunnel.

We had lovely lunch as always. You can see the summer is coming as there is a lot more salad from the garden on the table.

We hope Aine, Graham & Mary were happy with our first visit.
Thank you for reading and we'll see you next month.